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Objectives and activities

This project on procedural rights in the EU aims at training legal practitioners for their daily work. As the transposition phases for all six Directives on procedural rights will expired on 11 June 2019, this project uses the momentum to look at the state of play of the new rights, their implementation and application, reflect on them and assess the needs for further ones, and look at their application in combination with new EU criminal law instruments such as the EIO. Furthermore, the training will show how the rights in question are applied through the developing case law of the CJEU.

A unique feature of the training events will be that judges, prosecutors, and defence lawyers as well as law legal interpreters and translators and prison and probation staff will be brought together in the same training.

In order to accompany the developments in the European criminal justice area, this project consists of a series of 4 seminars, each having a different focus: